Saturday, April 30, 2011

"A Royal Giveaway" Winners Announced

Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate in my Royal Giveaway! It has been VERY fun and interesting to read all of your comments about your weddings whether they're past, present or future! Winners were picked out of a hat at random : )

The Winner for the Royal Do Over category is: Canadian Kristin! This is what her post read:
For my Royal Do-Over I would fly my husband and our family and closest friends to somewhere exotic and tropical and 5 star to share a renewing of vows at sunset and a full-on party on the beach for the next many days! Colours now would be the same as then: black and white, gold, cream and deep red. We are Shawn & Kristin and married November 5 and I would marry this man over again in a heartbeat!

The Winner for the Royal Plan category is: Eileen Hill! This is what her post read:
I'm engaged and getting married early next year (no date yet). My theme believe it or not will be pink! I love pink like you do - actually people at work call me "Pinkie", I wear pink just about everyday and hope to have a very light subtle pink dress for my big day!!! Eileen

The Winner for the Royal Dream category is: Deborah A! This is what her post read:
I am in the hope to marry category. After six years together we still haven't tied the knot. I no longer care about what the big day looks like. My dad passed away before he could see me married so it will be a happy/sad day for me. Part of the fairytale for me was to have my dad take part in my day. If I could change anything about my yet to be wedding day it would be that it would have taken place before his passing.

Instructions for picking up prizes: if you already have an Etsy account please convo me at Pinks & Needles so I know your username and who you are is. Please type in "A Royal Giveaway Winner" in the subject box . If you do not have an Etsy account please create one and follow the above directions : ) At some point this weekend I will be setting up RESERVED listings on Etsy for each of you! Once I am finished making your special items each Winner can put their prize in their cart and check out as normal. Any fees incurred will be refunded to you via Paypal. Thanks everyone!

P.S. Convo me via Etsy is there is any more information you would like to tell me about theme, color, style etc. That would be very helpful since I am creating something very specific for you and yours truly : )

I really enjoyed watching Will(s) & Kate tie the knot yesterday! I recorded it on the E! Channel instead of a major network mostly because they really focused on the fashion aspects of everything instead of politics which to me is lighthearted and more fun : ) Wow can I just say I see a hat trend building that is soon to hit the US with a splash!!! Victoria Beckham's fascinator must've been Super Glued to her forehead! It was truly an amazing event to experience visually! I loved Kate's dress and how simple her bouquet was. Will looked dashing and so proud. I loved every minute of it : )

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