Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Halloweens a Comin'

Wow 2 posts in one day...what is going on here?
Just quick snippets to show you some Halloween related pins this season!
Candy Cats are new to the shop this year ~ so far I have made a few different colors : )
 Some Little Witch Hats to get you in the Mood!

Scary Ghosties coming to haunt you!

Shabby Creamy White Pumpkin made for a friend
After I took this picture of a Haunted House pin topper I decided to paint the windows white.....but didn't capture that part ~ just imagine it if you can : )
 I hope everyone enjoyed this short post. Halloween is so fun! I've been batting around the idea of being Marie Antoinette this year complete with a bloody neck....ewwwwie! Gross huh!

Inherited Beauty

Okay everyone please don't be alarmed and fall off your computer chairs by me surprising you with a blog post after a few long hot months! I wish I could say that I have been busy sewing and got so lost in my work I forgot to turn on my computer but alas that's not the situation. Instead I have been super duper hot waiting for the desert to cool down for me so I can function once again : )
I have just started sculpting again on a limited basis but I can feel it....Fall is coming and I can't wait! Which means busy busy times for me ahead!
I received this beautiful handmade quilt in a box full of goodies not too long ago and wanted to share with all of you. My grandmother sewed this for my grandfather. The label on the back says she started it in 1975 and finished it in 1980!! Wow! That really amazes me : )
P.S. Just wanted to mention that I recognize a lot of the scraps my Gramma used in this quilt. The cute green fabric is left over from an apron she made for me when I was about 5 years old! I see some reversible tennis skirt fabric in there too and a prairie dress she sewed for me and my dolly : ) Such sweet memories!