Friday, April 30, 2010

Cupcake Kit Giveaway! Open until May 5th! Cinco de Mayo!

This giveaway is for the US only - sorry International friends : (  Don't worry I'll be doing another giveaway soon!
Please leave a comment here if you would like to win this DIY Cupcake Kit! The winner may choose Classic Yellow Cake Mix or Devils Food Cake Mix (hermetically sealed). The kit includes: cake mix for 12 standard cupcakes, rainbow sprinkles, 12 cupcake liners, a PDF to make your own Cupcake Toppers (as shown in the picture) and last but not least a tote bag sewn by me with fabric I designed : ) The lining of the bag is a pretty white background with butterflies that match the outside of the tote bag! A perfect gift for a friend or a good excuse to bake some cuppies of your own! Please note frosting not included! Open to US only! Sorry International peeps...I'll be doing another giveaway soon Worldwide Welcome!

Here's what's inside:

Happy Baking!

Beware of Etsy Scam

Hi friends!

I wanted to give you all some updates and news of what's been happening in PIN TOPPER LAND! I guess it's safe to say I have some interesting info I want to share with all of you especially those that run Etsy shops of your own. I don't want to alarm anyone but I do want all of you to be informed that there is a very sneaky scam artist out there who calls herself Arden (no last name).....I was contacted by her because she was looking to purchase a large quantity of "corporate gifts".. She inquired about my Alice in Wonderland sets and was hoping to purchase 40 sets!. She asked if I could send her a sample (which I told her I don't do "samples")...anyway, she promised she would send the sample back after her rep made a decision. Well, even though my heart said no I still did it and I learned the hard way....... it's been a couple of months and 30 + emails later (most of which were from me because she was a very vague/rude responder). Without going into all the details I just wanted to let you all know to be very careful about who you send samples to etc. I found out that her real name is Valerie Hawk Hoffman/Koffman/Arden and she has the Attorney General of Connecticut after her and seems to have ripped off hundreds of people from what I have read in the forums, Rip Off, "Callin' Out Etsy" and just Google in general. I have filed a report with the Attorney General of Maine and am awaiting a response to see what the next step is. She is without a doubt a very fragile person who has so many lies going on she can't even keep her stories straight. It's been extremely frustrating to say the least. I can't believe how much time I have wasted in the past couple of months trying to get blood out of the Arden/Valerie turnip!!!!! I really hope someone helps set her straight as it is very sad to think she spends her time doing what she does. Anyway, that's the scoop on that : )

New News: I heard back from the attorney General of Maine yesterday and they said they are unable to do anything about this because it's a business to business complaint!!! That's terrible!!! I still fell like I need to take this further but I don't know what to do? Any ideas?

Thanks everyone for reading this! I thought I should get the word out there to expose this person fro who she really is.

 Have a great day~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Earth Day Giveaway - NOW CLOSED : )

Please leave a comment here to win this pink daisy pin topper handmade by me and also a packet of Shasta Daisy seeds! Giveaway open to anyone World Wide who cares about our planet Earth!

Here's what it looks like all wrapped up ready to go:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Springtime Pincushions Are Here!

It's so true how you need a vacation after vacation right? We got home from visiting my parents in Solvang, CA and had a few days before I opened the shop again! It was so lovely this time of year in sunny California...not that I don't get enough sun here in AZ but it really is different......Oh wait a minute I think that's what they call an ocean breeze!!!!
Anyway, I kept busy with my head down and came up with a few new Spring related designs I wanted to share with all of you. They're all available right now to ship immediatley so come on over to Pinks & Needles when you get a chance : )
I also worked on a new Cake Tester design and debuted it yesterday, which I have to say is my favorite so far! I'll be making a Limited Edition of 25 total : ) It's really BIG!!! I think it will look cute in a small little kitchen crock right next to the stove! Please visit Sherri Baldy Art to see her whimsical gorgeous Marie Antoinette (and others) designs for quilting! You'll be blown away! She was kind as to let me use her image you see on the cardstock of the cake tester! I think it really tied it all together!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wow it's been over a month!

I think I got over my head with orders in March it's safe to say! My friends and family didn't see much of me....but I did manage to make a cute kids birthday cake for Hannah who turned 3 and also I got to make a huge batch of Angelfood cupcakes for my favorite bartender Peter too! I used my Gramma's chocolate frosting recipe which is my favorite!

As for pin toppers I haven't had too much time for new designs since I'm still in Alice in Wonderland mode but as soon as I return from Easter break I'll open the shop back up for taking orders and put a few new things in the shop! Here's a few new designs: