Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Retired Cake Baker Turned Cake Tester Maker

A new creation besides a pin topper...whew what a breath of fresh air for me! I was messing around with clay on a larger scale than I normally do for my pins and came up with this little 3 tiered pink cake with roses on the top. I decided to go down to the Foothills Shopping Mall to see if they had any plain old regular plastic topped cake testers and they did : ) Hubby smashed the top off for me with a hammer and voila! I'm really into collecting old retro/vintage recipe books and found a delicious recipe for Kiss and tell Cake so I added that to the background cardstock for fun.

Random Ramblins on the First Day of Summer!

Living in Arizona is like living in a crockpot 5 months out of the year ; ) I'm talkin' HOT BABY!!! It already feels like September in my opinion (due to the warm Spring and record breaking days already) but Summer's first official day is can that be?
It's a sign to stay inside out of the elements and create my days if anyone wants to know where I am for the next few months it's indoors. I rented Alice in Wonderland and was re-inspired to create a pin topper set to put in my shop. The little cake is my favorite pin : )
My parents are visiting right now from Santa Barbara : ) Mmmmm...Santa Barbara is one of my favorite places I've ever lived! It's so beautiful and upbeat. Someday we hope to relocate back to our California roots but until then I suppose the sandy desert will have to do.
June started out a little different for me and for my shop - it was the first time since it opened in February that I closed the doors for a whole week and went on a mini vacation to where we were married 4 years ago ~ VEGAS! Fun and not too HOT believe it or not. We walked every where....miles and was wonderful to spend time with my hubby and just chill out!.....Oh ya and no computer : )
But I'm glad to be home and happy to stay busy with a few custom orders and the normal day to day stuff. I have noticed my energy is down in mid afternoon due to the heat...weird since the a/c is on 24/7!
I'm starting to work on CSSTeam's Christmas in July to help raise money for ad space in a magazine! I came up with a new pin topper design today called "Figgy Pudding"...looks cute and I will post pics soon.
Until then : )