Saturday, February 19, 2011

GIVEAWAY - Pinks & Needles 3rd Anniversary Giveaway!

Going on now through February 28th!

Pinks & Needles is celebrating it's 3 Year Anniversary in the month of February !Thank you to everyone who has supported my little shop over the years! It's very heartwarming : ) To help celebrate Pinks & Needles 3rd Anniversary I want to do a giveaway or more specifically "3" giveaways - winners will be picked at random and announced here March 1st!

Here are 2 ways to enter in to the giveaway!

#1 You will automatically be entered in if you place an order between Feb 1st- Feb 28th!


#2 Please leave a comment telling me a pin topper idea you would love to see in my shop! Please keep in mind I do not want to make pins of any trademarked product like Winnie the Pooh etc. as that would be a copyright infringement : ) + it's more fun to let the creative juices flow!

Of course I understand that some of you may comment ideas that I have already done in the past or have thought of myself ~ that's totally fine! I will let you know when I respond back to you if I have already done a pin like that or have a design in the works etc.... But if you could give me specifics like: "a blue teapot with pink roses and white polka dots" that would be wonderful for me!

 If you have already placed an order go ahead and comment here too it will count as 2 entries!

Good Luck!

P.S. Each prize will come with an extra sweet surprise!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Rainbow Layer Cake Recipe

Hi All!

I usually don't blog recipes here on Pinks & Needles but I wanted to share it with all of my friends so here it is. First off I should say it's a very easy cake to make but it is very tall and does require a bit of skewering! It was my 41st birthday yesterday and I have been dying to make a rainbow cake for some time so I thought it would be a good excuse to do it!
All I did was make a double batch of a Duncan Hines White Cake Mix and followed the directions on the box. I happened to have (5) 9-inch cake pans so I thought that would save time in the oven since I could bake 4 at once. I think I would've preferred to use 8 inch pans just because the height of the cake would be even taller than what mine turned out like and baby let me tell ya this is one tall cake! It really makes quite a statement sitting on a cake pedestal for sure.
Anyway I used 6 good size cereal bowls and divided the batter as evenly as I could like this:
 Then I added food coloring to each and mixed them up pretty good so the batter color was nice and even like this:
Then I poured them each into my 9 inch cake pans (prepared with Baker's Joy cooking spray) and baked them for about 20 minutes on 325 because my pans are darker in color. Use your best judgment when deciding how long to bake them for since all ovens are different. They looked so pretty in the pans:
 While the cakes were baking I made a batch of Cook and Serve Vanilla Jell-O pudding which I prefer to instant pudding and let that cool. By then the cakes were done and I cooled them on wire racks. If your cakes bake unevenly now would be a good time to even them out with a nice sharp serrated bread knife so your layers lay nice and flat on top of each other.  I started layering the cakes next, straight onto my white cake pedestal starting with the purple layer first. And then I added some pudding and spread it almost to the edge of the cake. Then I did the blue layer, pudding, green layer, pudding and so on until my red layer was on top! I poked wooden skewers in the cake in about 6 places to keep it steady and then I covered it lightly with plastic wrap and refrigerated it over night. I know it's kind of a "no-no" in the cake world to refrigerate a cake but I did it anyway - I'm such a ruler breaker!
By the next morning the cake was nice and set and ready for frosting. For some odd reason I wasn't feeling the frosting thing so I decided on whipped cream instead! I suggest whipping your own heavy whipping cream and adding a bit of vanilla extract and powdered sugar to taste. I'm sorry if I'm not giving specific amounts but I just wing stuff like this rather than measure. It's all a matter of individual taste.
Since whipped cream doesn't hold for very long I only piped it on individual pieces that were ready to be eaten right away and didn't frost the entire cake with it. Trust me you will not want to put a bunch of whipped cream onto a cake that won't be eaten right away because it will turn into a big soggy mess!
I hope you all enjoy this rainbow cake recipe!
Happy Baking!


Saturday, February 5, 2011

WIN ME - come on over to sewdeerlyloved on Monday February 7th!

Kerri of sewdeerlyloved asked me if I wanted to participate in her "Dreaming of Spring" giveaway coming this Monday February 7th! Of course I said yes! I made this cute little deer giving butterfly kisses pin topper set to help reign in a fabulous Spring I'm ever so looking forward to!

If you are the winner go ahead and put your "deerie prize" in your cart and check out as normal. Pinks & Needles will refund your dollar via PayPal!

The fun will begin over at on Monday February 7th! More details in her shop coming soon!

Thanks so much for looking!

If you are interested in this set please convo me for pricing details. I'm happy to set up a RESERVED LISTING for you! Please allow 2-3 weeks before I am ready to ship to you

Happy Spring Coming Up!

PS The actual giveaway is on her blog: lovelylittlehandmades

I just wanted all of you to see her awesome shop on Etsy too!