Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cherry Flannel Make- Up Bag

I added a monogrammed pin for a friend of mine ~ The inside of the bag is white with red hearts ~ very cheery

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Beautiful Brown & Aqua Make-Up Bag

Make Up Bag
Originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red
These two colors together are so pretty. Relaxing on my eyes. I sewed this today for a swap going to Italy. I hope she likes it. I'm getting pretty quick on making these which is good because I need to get a supply ready for my etsy store ~ Coming January 2008!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Strawberry Pin Cushie & Toppers

A special order for Craftsty! A half dozen strawberries for her collection. They're so tiny you can bearly see them : )

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sugar Bowl Turned Pin Cushion

I found a childrens tea set that wasn't the cutest and not the best quality but I had high hopes for it! I brought it home a spray painted it hot pink. The sugar bowl didn't come with a lid so I made it into a pin cushion : )All of these pin toppers were a special order from Cristina in Portugal! She should be receiving shortly.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Personalized Button & Floss Cards

I was trying to think up a way to personalize gifts for my swap partners and came up with this idea. I used my sewing machine for the names.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pink Ruffled Rubber Gloves

Cute pink rubber gloves I found at Target ~ I added a ruffle of fabric on each one! If you have to do the dishes you might as well do them in style!

Ruffled Towel

Ruffled Towel
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I bought a plain pink towel and put a ruffle around the edges to jazz it up a bit. This is part of a gift basket I'm giving as a Christmas gift this year ~ The Atomic Housewife Gift Basket to be more specific!

Pretty Draw String Purse

I got a yard of this unique fabric for a dollar! What a score ~ so the second I got home I made this draw string purse. I lined it in white and did some detail stitching around the edge. It would be a nice tote for a day out shopping when you don't want to take a lot of stuff with you.

Cupcake Carrying Case

I usually don't make too many things for myself especially these days but I wanted to make a nice carrying case for our travels up to the Bay Area for Christmas. It's the perfect size for a few embroidery projects and plushie makings.

Cupcake Ice Pack Cover

For my sister who does ballet.

Cherry Make Up Bag

I was so excited to find this fabric you can run through the printer to make your own "Sew-In" tags! It won't tear and if you run it under water and press it with a Hot iron it becomes colorfast so it won't run if you wash the item : )

Cherry Pin Cushion

Cherry Pin Cushion
Originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red
This pinnie is really small and cute! I made it out of a cap from an Elmer's Glue Stick cap. I' made a few more cherry pin toppers to but when I took the pix they were baking in the oven : )

Lucky Horseshoes

Lucky Horse Shoe for Craftsty!For a Horse Lover
A couple of Lucky Horseshoes made from Polymer Clay.

Thrifty Find! Before & After

Jewlery Box: Before I Painted itJewlery Box: Open After I Painted it
I love to find junk and turn it into something useful and fun! I found this music box at Savers Thrift Store up in Phoenix for $4.99! It now sits on my vanity in my bathroom. My husbands a real good sport about the color pink!

Recycled Material Skull Ornaments

Paper Ornament SKULLSPaper Ornament SKULLSPaper Ornament SKULLS
Here I have made all of these Christmas Tree Ornaments from recycled cardstock, paper, glitter, popsicle sticks, feathers, ribbon stamps, ink and glue. Funkyluke received all of these for a FAA Lucky Parcels Swap. They were a joy to make for her : )

My First Coloriffic Swap

Swap-bot swap: Coloriffic DECEMBER 2007
I swap with Swap-bot!
This was a really fun swap because the swap theme are some of my favorite colors especially in combination! I will post pix when my partner receives here parcel as to not spoil the surprise!

Josephine Pinnie

Josephine "Pin"nie
Originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red
I made this little one from the cutest fabric made to look like paper dolls clothing. I scented her with geranium and her ruffle is velvet but I used the back side of it becasue the texture was tafetta like.

Berry Berry Mouskimo

Berry Berry Mouskimo
Originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red
One of my favorite pin cushions I've made thus far. I really am inspired by all the Kawaii characters out there so I made up my own. Her rosey cheeks are too cute and she smells like Chocolate Raspberry! She has mouse ears but you can't see them with all of her fluff!

Little Summer Birdie

Just a small little bit of felt and fabric for my Summer Bird swap.....and this was my second attempt as I botched my first after I was finished I ironed it and it melted ~ that bummed me out. But she turned out nice and the iron setting will always be low from now on!

Mushroom Pinnie

Deery Lou and Pin Cushion
Originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red
Deary Lou makes the best companion for my mushroom pin cushion. This is the first mushroom pinnie in my collection.

Tiny Little Pinnie

Small White Pin Cushion
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It looks like a Bon Bon if you ask me! So cute and plump and filled with vanilla custard....well not exactly but I did scent her to smell delicious!

Neopolitain Cake Embroidery

My ode to Marie Antoinette. I love everything Marie Antoinette! Especially the movie by Sophia Coppola ( a high school classmate of mine).

Gigi & Big Red Tea Towel

I love little birdies and hearts together so I embroidered this for our 3rd anniversary this year.

"Fra-Gee-Lay" Leg Lamp

A Christmas Story embroidered! That movie cracks me up! In fact it's that time of year to watch it again. The netted stockings took a while to do but I like the effect the give to her cute shapely legs.

Felt Lady Bug Pinnies

The cutest little buggers! I used waxed twine for their legs, pom poms for their spots and red felt for their bodies.

Vintage Tea Room Apron

I made this for my partner Raesha for our tea pairings swap and it's lost in the mail ; (
I'm so sad.....

Little Felt Wallet

Little Felt Wallet
Originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red
I used one of my Gramma's buttons for this cute little pouch.

Pinny for Liliane in Luxemburg

I made her pin toppers like the "L" in Lavern & Shirley...

First Batch of Pin Toppers

Junk food without the guilt! Pin toppers are a fun easy craft that allows me to sit in the living room and hang out with my husband and pets, watch a movie or just keep busy while my family does their thing!

Cupcake Ornie Vignette

Cupcake Vignette
Originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red
More cupcakes! I can't help myself!!!

Skull Ornie Vignette

Skull Ornie Vingette
Originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red
More skulls! I have made a bunch of ornies for swaps and none for myself lately so these ones are for me : )

Cakey Pin Cushion

Cakey Pin Cushion
Originally uploaded by Gigi & Big Red
I made this for one of swap partners for "a vintage tea room" group. It is lost in the sad...I almost cried ; ( but I'm optimistic it will be delivered to her promptly.

Gramma Merle's Linens

Gramma Merle's Linens
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A sampling of some of my Gramma's embroidery! She gave me a lot of her old linens last Christmas season. I will cherish them always :)

Kitchen Towel Apron

I love to cheat a little and use a new kitchen towel as the base for aprons. I'm really into ruffling the edges and doing fancy stitches on the ties with my sewing machine.

Mother's Day

When on one of our trips to Palm Springs this past year I happened to find this pretty fun fabric for a message board I've been wanting to make my mom for a couple of years now. I use an acoustic ceiling tile from Home Depot and covered it first with batting and then with the fabric ~ added the ribbon and voila!

Pink Skull Make-Up Bag

Palm Springs has the coolest boutique called the Pink Club. This little and I mean very little store is jam packed with the hippest accessories for women and girls of all ages. When I went in November of last year pink skulls were everywhere so it inspired me to make something fun to commemorate our trip. This is what I came up with.

Skull Pillow Cases

Skulls are still a favorite of mine. But I have to say I like the cuter ones versus the scary ones. These pillow cases are in our eating area across from our table and chairs. It's a nice place to curl up and read a book or a perfect place for a cat nap :)

Cupcake Pillow

I've been obsessed with cupcakes for years! I love how popular they have become in the past year or so. I sew cupcake items whenever I get the chance ~ I can't help myself!

Welcome to Pinks & Needles

This blog is dedicated to all the things my hands can sew or embroider with fabric, floss and thread! And of course whatever I can make out of recycled materials or refurbish from Thrift Stores.
I made this stuffie/ornie for my Coloriffic Swap-O-Rama partner (can't reveal her name yet until she has received. She loves octopus' and the color scheme was Pinks, Red & White. I sent it off to her a few days ago so I hope she's more than happy with all of her goodies : )