Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hello Friends~
Well it's been a very long time and to be truthful I'm a bit embarrassed lol. I'll try and post more regularly starting......NOW!
Tomorrow in the UK my little pins will featured in LOVE Patchwork & Quilting issue #10! I can't wait to see it in print. So far all I have is the proof page here:
I love all the colors and how they came together on this page : )
When they contacted me there wasn't enough time for me to make and send them actual pins so the gal asked if they could use existing pictures from my Etsy shop. Whomever edited my pic did such a good job don't you think? Here's the pic I submitted:

If you're reading this post and you just happen to place an order please convo me and mention "LOVE Patchwork & Quilting" and I'll send you a FREEBIE PIN with your ORDER!
Until then Friends, I bid you adieu, Annie