Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sewing Machine Manual Cover

Hi all~ so when I bought my new sewing machine it came with tons of info along with 2 manuals (one in English one in Spanish) so I decided to make a little cover for all of it..... like a fabric binder kind of thing : ) I recently bought this delicious sewing themed fabric too!I lined it in bright red and used vintage aqua ric rac for the trim. I still haven't decided if I'm going to do a button or snaps? I'll figure it out tomorrow!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake...and then some.....

Hi friends~

Well it's been way too hot to sculpt the past few days so I turned to my next favorite hobby ~ painting! I have been catching up on Dexter too so maybe that's why the double entendre with the Marie Antoinette cake painting. I suppose you could interpret this painting in two different ways. I think it could represent the obvious ~ her "beheading" being put on display for all to see. See this is what happens when you spend to much money on extravagant things!!!   But the other interpretation could also mean a Marie Antoinette "cake topper" with lots and lots of strawberry sauce ( for the less squeamish)! Which I suppose is the more light hearted version. Either way it was a very fun piece and I'm still not done. My idea is to create some 3D effects with polymer clay. Little things to add to the table a cup of tea, a bowl of strawberry sauce/blood with a ladle, more strawberries on the green plate,  a pretty earring dangling from her short neck and more roses to adorn the cake....oh and glitter highlights! You can never sparkle enough! Well maybe Edward can sparkle a little too much but that's a different story all together : )

My other painting is of what I imagine Marie might request for her "Last Supper". Do any of her famous last words come to mind at this time? Do I really even have to say it?
Yes I might as well shout it from the roof tops!
 Here's a work in progress shot - which I love to take pics of! So fun to see transformation!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Morning Glory Broach

Hello hello!
I'm making this short and sweet because I'm starving and it's getting really late here....
So would you believe me if I told you I have never made a pin/broach before? Today was my first attempt at making something much larger than a pin topper! Kind of silly for me to be this excited...but anyway I really like how she turned out : )

I love WIP in progress pics because I think messy studios mean actual creativity is being exercised!
I tried painting this flower about 10 different ways and then finally decided I needed dark purple around the edges. Here in the desert with all the wind this is what my morning glories look like after a good beating! The wind was really whipping that day!

I have this adorable tweed coat I got at Target last Fall and never wore it! Why? Because it was never cold enough : (  I'm looking forward to wearing it this Fall instead : )

Sunday, June 5, 2011

My Passion for Painting & Drawning

I think I'm finally done!
                                                          an interesting angle no?
                                               you can see her hair buns a little better here
 still fiddling with her hair in this one

Good morning friends~  
I think some of you may know how much I love vintage pin ups. I always find myself drawn to their unmistakeable style and softness of their bodies. Nothing against the beautiful woman of today who pose for sexy pictures by any means ~ it's just my humble opinion. I think what I love most about these vintage beauties is they've mastered the art of being alluring. Showing a little goes a long way in my book. Don't you think?
So it's been a long time since I have painted or drawn anything and yesterday it hit me that I needed to give the garden a rest and start sketching again. Why put it off? Well I actually know the answer to that question....TIME! Time is always a factor in everything especially these days. Always too busy for this or that. Pooh on being too busy was my conclusion. Yesterday I set aside 4 hours to sketch and paint and let my creative juice flow. I still have a few more details to tend to but for the most part my Pink Haired Lovely is complete. She is small (only 5 X 7) which is a perfect size for me to "almost" get done in 4 hrs. I would love to buy a Frenchy looking scrolly oval frame for her.

 A little pink maribou for the photo added just the right about of softness. I made a boo boo on one of her....well lack of a better word "boo boos". You can see it a bit smudged up there on the right. That's one thing I still need to get right. In this shot her hair wasn't complete either like up in the top photo and her eyes are still in progress too.

I always like to take a WIP shot of what I'm painting or drawing because when I create people I layer their eye colors over and over again until I find the perfect shade. Same with hair. I think once I start on hair I am compelled to morph it over and over again. Enjoy!

PS I'm leaving you with this song by Florrie Arnold who I think is the cutest girl singer out there right now : )
AND she can play the heck out the drums!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Fresh From the Real Garden & the Pin Topper Patch

You know those days where you are completely wiped out? That's how I feel today....I'm slowly waking up from a mid afternoon nap crash out so in case I don't make any sense...sorry a head of time ; )

I was able to pick the first of my early Bird Tomatoes which was very exciting for me! And the sunflowers - OH THE SUNFLOWERS are stunning. I could stare at them all day long.
All of my flower vases are packed so I have succumbed to beer bottles...hmm....I actually think they look pretty cool...or wait is that just me?

Are you guys familiar with Black Sunflowers or Moulin Rouge Sunflowers? How about it!!!!!!
Remember my post a little while back about Mab Graves who's an incredible artist? Well her adorable business card has found a permanant home in this bright lime green frame I found! I just love it!
I have been in mushroom mode lately with all of my days spent digging in the dirt and sculpted a more realistic mushroom for once. I really like the ruffle at the bottom. I don't know much about mushrooms but my friend told me the other day that the baby mushrooms come from the ruffly part. They drop the baby spores like an umbrella drops rain! Cool! Who knew?

Well I hope this post wasn't all over the place...I'm still sleepy and hungry too! I'll be making a veggie wrap tonight for dinner and using some of those Early Birds : )