Friday, June 17, 2011

Let Them Eat Cake...and then some.....

Hi friends~

Well it's been way too hot to sculpt the past few days so I turned to my next favorite hobby ~ painting! I have been catching up on Dexter too so maybe that's why the double entendre with the Marie Antoinette cake painting. I suppose you could interpret this painting in two different ways. I think it could represent the obvious ~ her "beheading" being put on display for all to see. See this is what happens when you spend to much money on extravagant things!!!   But the other interpretation could also mean a Marie Antoinette "cake topper" with lots and lots of strawberry sauce ( for the less squeamish)! Which I suppose is the more light hearted version. Either way it was a very fun piece and I'm still not done. My idea is to create some 3D effects with polymer clay. Little things to add to the table a cup of tea, a bowl of strawberry sauce/blood with a ladle, more strawberries on the green plate,  a pretty earring dangling from her short neck and more roses to adorn the cake....oh and glitter highlights! You can never sparkle enough! Well maybe Edward can sparkle a little too much but that's a different story all together : )

My other painting is of what I imagine Marie might request for her "Last Supper". Do any of her famous last words come to mind at this time? Do I really even have to say it?
Yes I might as well shout it from the roof tops!
 Here's a work in progress shot - which I love to take pics of! So fun to see transformation!

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Kristyne said...

Hilarious! A little weird, but still hilarious. :)