Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sugar Bowl Turned Pin Cushion

I found a childrens tea set that wasn't the cutest and not the best quality but I had high hopes for it! I brought it home a spray painted it hot pink. The sugar bowl didn't come with a lid so I made it into a pin cushion : )All of these pin toppers were a special order from Cristina in Portugal! She should be receiving shortly.


Anonymous said...

Gigi, this is so so cute! Great idea, and love the pin toppers! Jenn and Jacqui

Gigi Minor said...

Thanks girls!
She just received yesterday and was pleased ~
Have a great weekend

Hellooooo Gorgeous said...

OMG you are ridiculously talented... do you have a website where you sell all of your stuff?

Gigi Minor said...

hi helloooo gorge! Thanks for the nice complement! As of right now I do not have an etsy shop or website, but you can always leave me comments and if you'd like to place a custom order just let me know!

cristina said...

I didn't know your blog...I could written this before (hihihi).
Thank you so much Gigi!!! I just loved everything.