Friday, April 29, 2011

New Items in the Shop!

Good morning everyone~

Well I got up really early this morning to start listing items on Etsy and guess who I saw running around in the front yard unattended? Remember a few weeks ago when I found those 2 cute dogs Mia and Gordo that belonged to my neighbor? They're back and this time they brought a friend "Seven" is her name. Anyway, I called Carla and she was just getting off of work so she came over and picked them up. Those little stinkers need to stop digging under the fence! At least this time they all had their respective collars with name tags on. I just worry because of how crazy fast people drive down my street - it's frightening : (
So I got a little later start on things this morning but at least those doggies are back home safe and sound.
I have almost everything listed in the shop that I was planning on except a couple more I need to take pics of but am waiting for better light. I've listed lots of Vintage Inspired Button pin toppers ~ these are all made from polymer clay and then I hand painted them with pretty accents and a few even have sparkly glitter too!
I'm really excited to debut shiny silver thimbles today! Well it's about time is all I keep saying to myself since sewing related pins seem to be quite popular in my shop! They'll go nicely with the shiny silver scissors I make too.
Here's a mosaic of all the Vintage Inspired Buttons I made. I love making mosaics because then it's easy to reference them all as a group. Flickr toys is the best tool for that.

There's more button card pins in the shop too and fun candy colored pastel mini spools of thread like these:
 I'm hoping to get stitching for my "Stitch n Tea" Party starting today through the weekend. I hope you'll join me via la internet!
Remember today is the last day to comment on "A Royal Giveaway" ~ it ends at 5 pm Pacific Standard Time. I'll announce winners tomorrow some time!

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Kristyne said...

Oh sweetie, I didn't think your tea cups could get any cuter ... and then you go and add a little bag tag! Is there no limit to the cuteness in your pretty little head? I can't stand it!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)