Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Sewing Machine Bessie is Going to Heaven + Quilting Projects #5 #6 & #7

Hello everyone~

Well it's official ...Gigi needs a new sewing machine (I speak in the third person because then it makes me feel like this isn't really happening to me right now). I think I have ran Bessie into the ground : ( Poor Bessie needs to go to Sewing Machine Heaven right about now. I have trouble shooted my way through the manual and there's no making sense of why my tension control won't respond : ( I've tried everything! Grrr.....I guess it has lasted me 16 years but for the amount of money I paid I was figuring on a good 25 years out of her. I'd love to hear some comments on what machines you all use and how you like them ~ I'm shopping for one very soon!
Before she pooped out on me I did manage to finish up a few more projects. First Up: Strawberry Jam Mug Rug
I also made a fun aqua, red and white Peppermint Love Mug Rug (actually this is the first mug rug I have ever made and the strawberry one was next).
Last but not least I have a friend who's due with her forth child in a few days. This will be the first boy so all of us are very excited - especially the proud Poppa to be! Their whole family is sock monkey crazy ~ do you think they'll like it??

I am really enjoying quilting and know I will especially like it when I have the proper machine. I have done all 7 projects so far without a quilting foot! I've been using a satin stitch foot instead - not the easiest to maneuver that's for sure!
Say a prayer for Bessie : )


Little Creatable said...

I love the Mug Rug's you've made. Especially the strawberry jam one ^_^

Kimberly said...

Stinkin' sweet mug rugs! I really need to jump on the bandwagon!

And my machine is about 14 years old... 14 years of hard labour. Wonder what's in her future...

Good luck finding a replacement!

Kristyne said...

If you can do all that with poor dying Bessie I can't wait to see what you'll do with a mac-daddy machine! Here's a good post regarding desirable machine features for quilters.

quilter000 said...

Hello I am sorry to hear of your woes on the machine. What kind of machine is it? I own a Bernina 1230 and also a Pfaff 7570. I like them both. I do know I am not fond of drop in bobbins mainly because you usually have to remove your work to change the bobbin. so I try for the ones that load from the side or the front. I have really been considering the Bernina 440. I have a couple of friends who have that and love it. I would have the old lokked at before dumping her. she maybe good for a pinch yet. Have fun shopping!!

Carol in E TN said...

Do some test drives on different machines and take along some of your own fabrics instead of using the stores. Sometimes they use weird stuff that is kind of stiff. I have a Janome and love it so be sure to try that too.

Amy said...

OMGosh! I would so love to buy both of them! as for my machine, I just bought a Bernina in Nov.10 and it is great. before that I had been using a 1947 singer I bought 8 yrs ago..and it still worked,I just wanted to do more then backward and forward.sorry to hear about your machine,good luck on finding a new one.

Sequana said...

Have you taken Bessie to a "machine doctor?" Has she ever been to one?????

Really - do that before you start thinking of buying a new machine.

What brand is Bessie?

Gigi Minor said...

Hello everyone! Thank you all for your comments and ideas about what machine to buy next : )
Yes Bessie has been to the doctor - not too long ago in fact for a very expensive tune up. I will probably put her in the guest bedroom closet instead of dumping her at the recycling place. Maybe a long nap is all she needs - ya right! I think I would kick myself if I threw her away. Happy sewing everyone!

Nancy said...

when my last machine wasn't working for me I sat down and made a list of what i needed a new one to do...
1. knee lift
2. needle down
3. blanket stitch
4. reverse blanket stitch

Then I went to all the shops with my own fabric and test drove them.

I ended up with a Bernina 440..and love it!

PunkiePie (Jen) said...

LOVE the mug rugs! So cute!! I'm sorry about Bessie. I hope she gets better soon or you can just treat yourself to a new machine. I have a Brother Innovis-1500D. I wanted to be able to do machine embroidery and this machine does the trick. How I would love a Bernina but that's okay. My machine is great and I got an awesome deal on it a couple of years ago.

MNStitcher said...

Sorry to hear about your machine. I have two Viking (Husqvarna) machines I love - the latest one was a Designer II. I echo what others have said - bring samples of the fabrics you like to sew with the most and try out the machines to see what works best for you.

Canadian Kristin said...

Sorry to hear about Bessie. Sounds like you have made some great memories with her. :-(

Um... and can I just say, I hope you are in the mug rug swap I'm in and that you are my partner cuz these are amazing!!!!

Beginning Quilting said...

Oh my gosh! These are absolutely lovely and adorable mug rugs. My favorite is the Strawberry Jam Mug Rug :) I think it's so pretty! You absolutely did an awesome job with all of these mug rugs. Keep up the good work! :)