Saturday, April 23, 2011

Kitchenology Block #1

My dear friends Jenny & Aaron were kind enough to let me use their original artwork as the basis for my next quilt. I am really excited to see one of my favorite prints of theirs come to life : ) Jenny and her boyfriend Aaron are incredible artists. I have been gawking at their creations for years now!! So many wonderful elements they put to use in their paintings...everything from Frozen Charlotte Dolls to Cupcakes piled with Frosting and Sprinkles, Black Ravens and Old Vintage Books ~ AND a million more wonderful things (too many to list).
Here's a picture of Kitchenology from their flickr ~ be careful and hold on tight if you haven't seen this might hyperventilate due to the "cuteness" overload!
This quilt once finished will be 20 blocks! That's a lot for me since I'm new to this whole quilting thing, but I think it should be a pretty fun journey for me! The pitcher is really tiny and in reality was too small for me to turn under so I decided to make this shabby, rustic, retro and cozy. I figured frayed edges and perhaps a tea stain will keep to the flavor I'm going for : )
I love being inspired by my favorite artists out there in cyberspace ~ I  hope to do it justice for their sake.


Eileen {bluebirdluxe} said...

Oh, Gigi, you're going to make a fabulous quilt! :) I can't wait to see the whole print come to life! What a fun idea! I bet they're excited, too! :)

Kristyne said...

Ho-ly-cow! That's going to make one adorable quilt. Can you please hurry up so I can see it finished? Please? ;)

Ruby Jean said...

Okay...SO I finally got my blog up...You may not remember me.. : ) I am the pink sewing machine girl and aqua mixer.. : ) I know we talked a.bout doing a Giveaway..I have a couple going right now...and it sounds like you might be a bit busy..SO let me know when your up for one...And I will purchase a couple of pins from you...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter..