Friday, May 6, 2011

Mini Garden Party Bunting + GIVEAWAY Announcement

Well after yesterdays post I needed something cheery and fun to brighten my day! This little bunting was so fun to make! The little flags are made of polymer clay just like my regular pin toppers : ) I have been avoiding anything that has to do with cardboard boxes, packing paper and tape as I am dragging my feet on the "packing up the house process". I keep telling myself that I will have enough time to sculpt and pack it all up by the last week of May but I'm in denial. I really need to stop messing around with clay and get to work : (
Oh....there's one more exciting thing I wanted to share with you all. Little Miss Shabby is starting a week long GIVEAWAY on her blog Sunday May 8th - May 13th! I hope you'll all pop over there to say hi and see what she'll be giving away! I can tell you a little secret...I am one of the sponsors : )
I hope everyone has a great weekend! Hubby's flying home today ~ we get to hang out for a whole 3 days before he zips back up to the mountains!


Hazel said...

The garden party bunting is adorable, I love the pretty colours.

Enjoy your long weekend with your Hubby ;)

Hazel x

icandy... said...

OMG! that is absolutely adorable!

Ruthie said...

This is the cutest thing ever! I'm curious whether you also sell the teapot pincushion and big mushroom that are pictured. Those are also so cute!