Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I Want to Share This With You

I'm a big fan of the creepily cute and I love finding things and people on the web I could only make up in my imagination. I stumbled upon this fantastic artist mabgraves the other day and had to share with all of you. Entitled: Jude in the Octopus Garden                                                  
And this too! Oh she's so precious and "special" don't you think? With her cute little third arm looking perfectly sweet and adorable!
Mab is a very gifted and talented artist ~ have a look at her website if you get a chance ~ I bet you will find something that speaks to you : ) Look at this slick vinyl sticker of a Masochistic Cupcake Mab designed too:
Have a nice evening everyone~


Kristyne said...

Hauntingly gorgeous artistry. Clearly very talented!

Shayla said...

I seriously love Mab. She is the only artist I have ever bought so many items from. I have a huge collection going on.

Anonymous said...

She is very similar to Pinky Toast. I love her work too....