Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Strawberry Afternoon & Paris Afternoon

Hello friends~
It's a busy busy week here in the studio! Plus hubby's getting ready to leave tomorrow for a week to Las Vegas (1/2 business & 1/2 pleasure) - lucky guy! Well while he's gone it's my goal to get really caught up! The hot weather just makes me lazy........
 I wanted to share a couple of new items in the shop! People often ask me what pin takes the longest or is the hardest to make and I never really know what to say....until now! The little shoe in Paris Afternoon was a real bugger! It's so tiny and is completely hand sculpted from one piece of clay so I think to date this was the one pin that took me the longest for sure!
Strawberry Afternoon is a cute depiction of Blythe having tea and reading a book about Strawberries! The book binding has the word "STRAWBERRY" down the spine (see the shop for more pictures).
 Paris Afternoon has pins related to shopping in Paris like a hat box, shoe, basket of flowers and last but not least my personal favorite a red heart with the word Paris on the sash.
Have a great week everyone!
Oh I almost forgot about the Butterflies & Buttercream sets which include one Butterfly (with unbreakable antenna) and one coordinating Cupcake Blossom!
And also the Mini Mushroom sets with birdies perched on top which includes one button mushroom with a birdie sitting pretty and a coordinating mushroom cap!

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My Life Under the Bus said...

My heart be still these are fantastic ! Love the shoe !!!