Saturday, May 22, 2010

Shabby Chic Vintage Carnival Cotton Candy Necklaces

Hello Friends~

Well it's super hot here and my clay isn't cooperating so I thought up a little something new to do today! I made cotton candy necklaces in two shabby colors - Aqua & Pink of course! I just wish I could eat them for real : )
 Enjoy your weekend and perhaps if the weather is hot where you live pour yourself a nice tall glass of pink lemonade to celebrate BBQ season coming up!


Cathy Burk said...

Oh...and these cotton candy necklaces look so yummy...I might start nibbling "accidentally!"

Hazel said...

Happy BBQ season to you :)
Very cute cotton candy necklaces that do look good enough to eat.

Rebecca said...

Ack! These are so cute! And I love the cards you put them on. We are looking for a summer swap idea at Sweet goodness swaps and Vintage Carnival would be great . . . you've really nailed it with this! :)