Friday, November 6, 2009

Update From Santa's Workshop

Hello all!

I usually post on Mondays but thought I'd share a sneak peek right before the weekend starts! As most of you know my Etsy shop is usually OPEN for business on Mondays ONLY ~ It's felt a little weird not having my shop be on it's regular schedule but the Elves have whispered a few times that they are excited that we CLOSED shop to build up our Goodie supply!! And Goodies are an understatement!!! The studio is busting at the seams right now!!! In fact some items have made their final resting place on top of our Tiki Bar in the living room where they will stay until they're shipped to their final destination! Good thing Poppa Elf (hubby) is so cool about having stuff laid out every where!!! 
We've been very busy creating new Holiday items and ideas!!! Some are Vintage inspired others are modern and fresh! We're proud to say even Martha and her staff haven't come up with a lot of the craft ideas yet!!!

So we promised a while back to show sneak peeks of what's going on so here's our first one! These light weight Lollies are Glittered to the Max! We'll have lots of fun Candy Coated Colors to choose from (in 3 different sizes too)! They look great grouped in a vase filled with Rock Candy in the base or hanging from the highest bough of your sparkly tree. How cute would these be staggered on fishing line above a child's bed on Christmas Eve after they went to sleep? "While Visions of Sugar Plums Danced in Their Heads" comes to mind! When they awoke they'd know without a shadow of a doubt that St. Nick had visited in the middle of the night!
Please come back to visit us for more sneak peeks!!!


PunkiePie said...

How cool! Great idea indeed!

{Candice} said...

Oh my... how yummy are those lollies!
I cannot wait to see what other goodies you've got up your sleeve - the festive cupcake from your last post looks divine, I think I may very well be adding to my Xmas ornament collection on Monday :o)