Monday, November 16, 2009

The Shop Is Now Open Through the Holidays!

Hello everyone!

Well to be honest I never thought today would come but it's finally here and I'm so excited! I'm up early getting all the final touches done to my shop before 9am Arizona Time. If you visit my shop before then, you will notice there are older designs listed in the shop that will remain available through the Holidays. My newest creations will up very soon! Looks like Frosty is ready to make his debut in a couple of hours!

I wanted to post some new information about Pin Topper of the Month Club (PTMC) for those of you who are interested in an update. There's some Big News I want everyone to know! First of all I am pleased to announce that Pinks & Needles will be teaming up with Moda Bakeshop! Please check out their fun site! So the idea is that once PTMC is full swing starting in January one of our subscribers and friends Vickie E will be writing a tutorial for a pincushion that will coordinate with that particular Pin Topper of the Month's theme!!! I am super excited about this team up!!! Thank you Vickie for making this happen! Stay tuned for more details : )
Other Big News for PTMC is we will be offering 3 different CLUBS to choose from! Please note the prices are not set in stone but just to give you an idea. Here's a mini breakdown of the 3 CLUBS:

Option One: PTMC ~ you will receive 1 pin per month for a year + every month your name will be entered into a random drawing to receive a FREE pin. = 12 pins per year
($12 per month for US subscribers)
($13 per month for outside the US)

Option Two: 4 SEASONS ~ you will automatically be enrolled in PTMC + you will receive a trio of pins 4 X a year coordinating with the Seasons + the random monthly drawing to receive a FREE pin. = 24 pins a year
($21 per month for US subscribers)
($22 per month for outside the US)

Option Three: CUPCAKE CLUB ~ you will automatically be enrolled in PTMC + the random monthly drawing + you will receive 1 cupcake pin every month for a year + a FREE Birthday Pin in your Birthday Month! = 25 pins a year
($22 per month for US subscribers)
($23 per month for outside the US)

If you are interested in joining all 3 CLUBS the prices will be $34 per month (US subscribers) or $35 per month for outside the US! That's 37 pins a year!!!!

I hope you all like these options for PTMC!!! I am really excited to get started! I look forward to hearing your Feedback on which CLUB appeals to you most!

On a business note: it is very important you know ahead of time that when you sign up for any of the CLUBS you are committing to a Full Year Subscription : ) I don't want there to be any confusion once we're in full swing! Thank you everyone for your interest in PTMC! It really means the world to me!

That's all for now! I hope to see you all around the shop this Holiday Season!!!


Vickie E said...

YEah..I want the 4 seasons club too!! this is going to be quite fun. I am still brain storming this pincushion ....

PunkiePie said...

Oooooo. I may have to sign up for the cupcake one too! I'll have to think about it.

WOOHOOO for Vickie and the pincushion. LOVE the idea!

Sandy said...

I signed up yesterday for your pin a month club. I check your Itsy store today looking for something for my sister. She is a coffee mocha fantic. So I would like to see some coffee related pins. Thanks, Sandy

CJ said...

So the seasonal club we pay 22 a month but get the pins 4x a year?

I like your ideas! You will still be selling on etsy too, right??

CJ said...

I like the tie in with Moda Bakeshop too.

Sherri said...

Where do I go to sign up...sounds like soo much fun!

Michele Seraphim said...

I got my first January pin in the mail today and it is SWEET! This is so much fun I can only imagine what the rest of the year holds! What a hoot!

Nicole Testa said...

I would be interested in signing up!!

I used to be Gigi Minor - but now I'm Annie Kight said...

Hi Nicole~
I'm so sorry this is an old post. So I'm not doing pin topper of the month anymore. Please visit me at my shop ~ I have lots to choose from there : )
Thanks so much!