Monday, November 23, 2009


I really's true! I'm not sure if I'm the only one who does this but all the year through I think about Christmas time and imagine our home decorated like a gingerbread house. I have so many favorite "things" that are sequestered to plastic totes in the garage for most of the year that you can almost hear my vintage elves gasp for fresh air as soon as I open the containers! So Saturday night hubby put the Nutcracker Suite on for me while I unearthed (literally) tons but not all of our holiday decor. It may sound like a normal task but mind you we have about half of our house packed  ready to move as soon as we're done building (which has been delayed) since hubby received a contract to build low income housing in S. Africa before the World Cup starts next year. We almost decided on NOT decorating this year because Holiday boxes were shoved to the back corner of the garage!!! Could you imagine not decorating for he holidays? I think I would've headed into a downward spiral and quick! I know....I know.....stay calm. Not to worry! A little decoration is better than none! Whew!
My favorite to decorate are my small tinsel trees that are sooooo 1950's. I have been collecting vintage ornaments for sometime now. Thrift stores are the best for old Shiny Brites! I think I must have about 1000+ ~ no joke! I imagine them all clustered together in a huge wreath. Those however are still somewhere in the garage not to be seen until 2010 sometime. I did manage to find 5 trees which I plan on going to town on! Since they're small ~ they really make for excellent quick decor in a jiff.
I have big plans for the kitchen! Sweet related decor of course! I found some wonderful plastic jars from Michael's that I put my sprinkles in and also Wal-Mart has the best glass canisters right now with silver screw on lids - I'm thinking a great place to put ribbon candy and other sugary treats. Here's a couple of photos from last Christmas to share with you. I look forward to decorating all this week so I'll be sure to post some good pics by next Monday : )
Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!


Cara said...

Sounds like your place will be a showcase! You must post pictures!

PunkiePie said...

Thank you for sharing! You know, I'm not a "bah humbug" but I really HATE decorating for Christmas. I'll put up a tree and that's pretty much it. But I love to see how others do their decorating. Makes me want to do it and then I talk myself out of it. LOL!

Gigi Minor said...

Thanks Cara! I will! I love to take pictures of everything - I think that's why I have a pretty decent memory! It really helps : )

Gigi Minor said...

Jen you're funny!!! I'll be your Holiday Decor Cheerleader this year! Gimmie a "G-O... J-E-N!!!!"

Carrie said...

The pictures are wonderful... but how could they not be? Christmas decorations and all the geegaws that go into Christmas decorations are the best!

But I have to ask ~ wherever did you find those awesome cookie cutters? I love the tree, the snowflake and the candy cane! Those are the coolest I've seen and I think I need some of those. :)

Gigi Minor said...

Thanks Carrie!

Here's the link for my cookie cutter connection! It's Foose - they've been around as long as me : )

The tree is called "primitive" if I remember correctly ~ have fun!

Kim said...

I've been "getting ready" for decorating for the last few weeks, and the boxes are down from the garage rafters, waiting to be unpacked. Tomorrow. Today, Thanksgiving; tomorrow, Christmas! (Or, more realistically, a week or two from now, Christmas--it takes a lot of time to get it all out and in place!) It's really the best time of the year!

Gigi Minor said...

Hi Kim!
I know what you mean about getting ready! It's like psyching yourself up or something! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

pinkstilettos said...

So many gorgeous things...just wanted to let you know how much I am liking your Blog! Have a great Day!