Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Stitch in Time

Today was day to enjoy the end of summer.... after a nice 2 hour chat with one of my best friends Mandy back home in California I became very nostalgic for old friends and good times. It was football day for hubby so he went over to a friends house and I stitched and watched movies. I found this lovely vintage cigar box and 88 skeins of floss last week at the Goose (total spent $2.50) I put it to good use today for a custom pincushion order for a gal in Canada. She came up with the idea of "Pincushions for Life". Basically what she wants to do is have me embroider two monogrammed pincushions for her two sisters Betty and Debbie. Every time there is a milestone to celebrate she wants me to make a pin topper for each of them signifying whatever it is they are celebrating! What a fun meaningful gift!


Katie said...

What a lovely idea! A sewers charm bracelet of sorts and much more my thing.

Drewzel said...

That is a great idea!
And I sooo lusting after your box of floss!