Wednesday, September 3, 2008

In the Press

Hi all~
So I'm pretty excited about Sarah from Quilt Fabric Delights in Australia ~ she's done some advertising for "Pincushion of the Month Club"! Here's a little sneak peek as to what you can expect by signing up. Squirrel Mama's design is first on the list - if you love hedgies and strawberries! Each kit will include a pattern and all the makings to sew yourself a cute pincushion. Every month will be different and included with each kit you'll receive a coordinating pin topper made by me : ) Head on over to QFD to check it out!


Anonymous said...

hi Gigi I bought a pin cushion with pin toppers from Etsy which arrived last week, I ordered it a few weeks ago (on my last post) and I just wanted to say I sure wish I had found you before ordering. Your pin toppers are so gorgeous and look like such good quality! I will definately order from you next time!!!!

Gigi Minor said...

thank you Linda!!!
I'm messaging you as soon as I get off my blog!