Monday, September 15, 2008

Patiently Awaiting Sandi's Cupcake Pattern!

The pins you see here were the very first ones I ever "sold" (rather than gave in a swap or as a gift) to the lovely and talented Miss Sandi of Portabellopixie! Thanks to her and a few other friends Pinks & Needles Handmade Fancies was born. I know I'm not alone in saying we are all patiently waiting for her gorgeous over sized high calorie cupcake pincushion pattern to finally be available!!! I can't wait to sew my own and stick a few pin toppers like sprinkles all over the top : )
Thank you Sandi for your constant inspiration and dedication for leading a happy healthy life.

Photo Credit:Sandi Henderson 2008


Anonymous said...

Gigi your new banner looks FAB!!! love it! :)ps I joined up for the Pin Cushion of the Month I just couldn't resist any longer

Gigi Minor said...

Oh Linda I'm so happy for you! That's great news : ) I know you'll have so much fun sewing them all!

Fieltrunguis said...

so cute!! : )