Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Few More Projects Complete

Here's a quick look at my finished Hideaway quilt! I love the machine leaf stitch but my poor sewing machine didn't like doing it that much : (  I think it's best to use that stitch for smaller projects next time.
My mom adores sunflowers and I wanted to give her a very special present so I made this place mat for her the other day. It was my first time making a Dresden plate. It was really fun and pretty easy. The only thing I had a heck of a time with was centering the sunflower on my larger circle. I tried a few tricks and thought I had it right but as I sewed it all together it kind of slipped to one side slightly. You can see one of the petals touching the border ~ that wasn't suppose to happen. I think I may be making a felt butterfly to add a little something special to it. I think it would be pretty cute near the brown center of the flower!

I'm excited to get going on my Dream On quilt but am at a stand still for now with large projects. it looks like with our temporary move up to the cooler mountains of Northern California very soon I won't have time to do anything for a while. Although yesterday I made some pin toppers of flowers that remind me of Dream On! I'll be posting pics either later today or tomorrow!
Happy Creating everyone!



Kristyne said...

I love your photo collage! You're really good at taking pictures with different, interesting angles. And the quilt looks so pretty. :)

Vickie E said...

keep are making progress toward more difficult projects :)
I love that you are using Hideaway. that fabric is TDF. I have made 3 projects(small) with it. I think it's the unusual novelty of this line. Moda rarely does this.

Gigi Minor said...
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Gigi Minor said...

Thanks Vickie! I appreciate your words of encouragement : ) Hideaway is fantastic and I hope Moda knows they've got a real winner here with this one!

Gigi Minor said...

Thanks Kristyne~ so much! I love to take pictures. It seems like wherever I am in the house during my work day I can always grab a camera and start shooting! Especially my puppy Bruiser or fat cat Tanzy : )