Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Glitter Lollipops & Whimiscal Cupcakes

Hello friends!

I wanted to share with all of you some fun news! I am so happy to announce I have officially opened up a new shop on ArtFire! Of course I will always keep my Pinks & Needles shop on Etsy but I was too excited not to share the exciting news! My new shop frosted window on ArtFire is dedicated to Year Round Holiday shopping.

        Lollipop Ornaments in Progress - still need to add ribbon and a laminated tag that reads "Sweet!" to each pop!

I'm having this image made into glossy postcards and it will read "Happy Birthday!" down at the bottom in Pinks & Needles font!

 I'm thinking I would like to keep my pin toppers in their proper Pinks & Needles place but frosted window will offer an array of handmade items like all different styles of  faux dough cupcake & lollipop ornaments, felted cotton candy necklaces, postcards of my photography, prints of my original paintings & drawings ~ and gifts in general. I would love it if you popped on by to have a look when you get a chance!I should mention too that I will be listing 20 new pins in Pinks & Needles tomorrow morning (Thursday July 29th) ~ many of them brand new designs and some Halloween related!
I'm leaving for a wedding this Friday in Santa Barbara which I am thrilled about! it will be so nice to get out of the desert heat and into the refreshing ocean breeze!
Have a wonderful rest of your week everyone!



Sequana said...

You have so much ENERGY for living in all that heat. The new shop sounds great - I'll check it out soon.

btw.....the two pins for June and July were so darned cute.

Vickie E said...

ack! I can't wait to see your new pins