Thursday, January 21, 2010

It's Rainy Here Today!

Not like that is huge news for most people....but for us here in the desert it is! We had a terribly dry monsoon season last year so I get very excited for rain when it happens! Which brings me to my next point....what do most of you do when it's cold and rainy outside? Are you like me? Do you like to get cozy, pop in a movie and craft away until it gets dark? I think that is my favorite time to craft...when it's cold outside : )

I found a wonderful wool felt distributor - they hand dye all of their wool and the colors are beyond gorgeous! Take a look! Weeks Dye Works is awesome! I have no idea why but my favorite pincushions to sew are made of wool felt. Maybe it's because when you stitch with embroidery thread they really pop? Or maybe because they look so bold sitting there next to your sewing machine : )
I took a little time they other day and made 2 strawberry pincushions - aren't' they juicy or should I say fuzzylicious?


Sherri said...

These are adorable pincushions...and those wool colors are stunning!

CuteStuffInside said...

Those are fuzzylicious!