Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank You for a Great Holiday Season!

Hello everyone!
I know everyone is so busy this week running last minute errands, wrapping gits, eating cookies, spending time with loved ones and hopefully making beautiful handmade items : )
I just wanted to say thank you to all who have supported Pinks & Needles this Holiday season!!! It has been a pleasure making my little pin toppers for all of you and I am pleased to say I have learned a lot about how to run a small retail business during a busy time of year.

I only hope to be even more prepared for the Holidays in 2010!

Here are a few pictures I've taken of some gift wrapping the last couple of days! It's kind of sad but I never had any of these gifts under the tree this year. They went from the gift closet, to the living room floor (for wrapping) and then straight to a shipping box : (  I have a few more gifts to wrap for neighbors and friends here in Tucson - so I hope to get those done tomorrow so I can at least enjoy looking at them underneath the Christmas tree for about a week!


Jacqueline said...

Those gifts are so gorgeous packaged! I too want to thank you for your love and support! I hope to share more of my creative journey with you! Have a lovely merry happy holiday and love to you!


Happy Girl*Lucky Fella said...

I love your shop! I did a little post about it on my blog. Happy Holidays! Stephanie

Gigi Minor said...

HI Stephanie!

Thank you so much for the blog blurb! So nice of you to do that! I hope you are having a wonderful holiday!!! I'm busy decorating gingerbread today ~ come see....
I'll be posting more pics tomorrow once the little buggers dry a bit : )

fancyfoodie said...

Hey! We met today at Crate & Barrel while you searched for cupcake cookie cutters. As promised I've stopped by to say hello. Your stuff is absolutely adorable... I love it! Anyway, it was great meeting you today. I work as an Arts and Feature writer for the Arizona Daily Wildcat and I'm sure my editor would love to cover what you do in an article as we focus of local art... I may just have to propose the idea to him.



PS Here is the link to our (yet to be up and running) blog... hopefully we'll get going within the next couple of weeks. :)

Gigi Minor said...

Ali! Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! It was great meeting you too and I look forward to your blog once it's all ready to go - great format and design so far : )
Email me so we can stay in touch better. As soon as the cutters come in I"ll head on up to C&B! Hopefully it will be on a day you work : )
Have a great New Year!