Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gnome Sweet Gnome

I don't know why Gnomes are so cute! I can't figure it out! Is it their rosey cheeks? Or their famous red pointy hats? Whatever it is I am smitten! If I could be anything other than human I would choose to be a Gnome. Tiny and small but full of life! Living amongst the mushrooms and the blossoms ~ that's where I'd like to be.


Michele said...


I am so in love with your French Patisserie (small cake on a platter). What exactly is a pin topper? Would I be able to stick it in the top of an extremely large cupcake cake for decoration? My little girl is having a Pinkilicious birthday party and I need a cake topper. How much do pin toppers usually cost? Her birthday is not until April. How do I order one if I want one?
Thanks for any help!

Gigi Minor said...

Hi Michele~
Thanks for your nice post! Your daughters birthday sounds darling!!! My pin toppers are very small but I would love to discuss making a cake topper for you! I have made many in the past. To answer your question pin toppers are usually put into pincushions for decoration or used by people who quilt, sew or bead.
Please email me at gigi.minor@gmail.com and we can discuss your cake topper there : )