Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Once again a bit far behind

Well I can never stay on top of things - especially these days. I guess I should probably say that since hubby is planning on being in S. Africa for business very soon there seems to be a lot of stuff needing our attention. I know.......bad excuse but it's True!
Well 2 Mondays was my "Ode to Mark Ryden"! I absolutely love his paintings! He's a master painter with an incredible imagination! Please check out his website when you get a chance: Mark Ryden
As for yesterdays pin toppers....Halloween is right around the corner! Can you believe it? I really love that time of year when things start winding down here and I know cooler weather lingers somewhere close : ) So in saying that my theme for pin toppers was Halloween Part 1! Witches hats, black apples, scary skulls and couple of other goodies!
Come back to my Etsy shop next Monday for a real special treat! The theme is "Gnome Sweet Gnome"...I think these are by far my favorites!


{Candice} said...

Oh my goodness, so he got the contract, how fabulous!
When is he coming, where is he staying and for how long?
And the BIG question - are you coming too???
I hope so :o)

Gigi Minor said...

Candice!!! Yes he got the contract! As soon as I know details I will message you : ) I won't be coming along on the first trip over but I will be (hopefully fingers crossed) the second time around which should still be (if all goes as planned) in 2009. I don't specifics yet but we should know any day!!! So excited!