Friday, February 8, 2008

Fruit Orchard Kids

While out and about a couple weeks ago I happened upon a pattern dated June 15th, 1940. There it was in the back of a VERY dusty old antique shop here in Tucson. I paid a whopping $3.00 for it and got busy hand sewing each and every little part you see. It's a McCalls pattern called Fruit Kids. There are 5 different kids in the gang. Stella Strawberry, Billy Banana, Charlie Cherry, Lee Lemon and Penny Pineapple. They're just the cutest tiniest little things. this one measures 5 X 8 inches. Lee Lemons jingle says " Little Lee Lemon sleeps a lot, because she lives where it's very hot!" Well....I concur...I live in the desert! I'm not quite done with her - as I still have to put a bow in her hair and do some decorative stitching around her neck. She's a sweetie though, isn't she?


Peggy said...

Hello! I love your Lee Lemon as posted on your site! I have the 6 fruit kids jam jars and am trying to collect all 6 of the fruit kids chalkware. I have only 3 to date. I love the jingle for Lee Lemon. Do you have a jingle for ALL of the fruit kids? If so, would you share them me please?

Gigi Minor said...

Hello Peggy~
I apologize for the extreme delay...I recently moved from Arizona to California and needless to say it's been crazy around here!
You are so lucky to have 3 of the Fruit Orchard Kids!
Sorry I don't have a jingle...
You should post some pictures of your kids when you get a chance! I'd love to see!

Anonymous said...

My auntie made three of these for my birthday in the early 1950's, they are still played with and are family treasures. Billy has lost his hat but Stella and Lemmy look almost as good as new. I'd love to see the patterns, as I have never seen the other two! Thanks for the post.