Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Vintage Trailer Featuring Campy Cupcakes

Today I sit at my computer with a wrist guard on protecting me from further carpal tunnel damage : ( Ugh.......I guess when I worked out in the yard hula hoeing weeds when my parents were here for Thanksgiving I must've really given my wrist a run for it's money. I take for granted all I do with my hands and arms for that matter! I told hubby I don't want to be a Debbie Downer about being out of commission but really???? Could it have come at a worse time or what? The holidays are in full swing, cookies need to be baked, gifts need to be made and wrapped.....hmmmm....what else needs to be done? Oh just about a gajillion things! I tend to get a little sarcastic when things aren't going my way!!! Sorry for the rant everyone! But what am I suppose to do with myself if I can't stay busy with my hands? If anyone has an idea for me please let me know! I shouldn't be typing either but it's like I have serious problem relaxing doing nothing - "it's just not my bag ~ baby!"
Okay I'm done now..........
Well at least I got to paint one little plaque before the wrist guard was put on. I'm not sure if many of you know how much I adore vintage trailers but I do! I fantasize about fixing one up and plopping 'er in the back yard and making it like a club house! No Boys Allowed! Ha! Just kidding...well wait a minute maybe I'm not. I guess boys could come in but only if they wipe their feet and wash their hands first! I imagine myself baking cupcakes inside the trailer and decorating every inch of space while listening to Modest Mouse and daydreaming about all the cute things I've conjured up in my head...that would be my ultimate dream come true.
I suppose that is whats so wonderful about painting on a blank piece of wood! You can daydream the entire time and let your imagination run wild with delight. So this is what I came up with: a pink trailer with scallops, a lone owl watching over me, bunches and bunches of Black Eyed Susans spilling from vintage glass vases and let's not forget about the most important part ~ the cupcakes and the treats!!!! Would anyone like to join me there sipping an Arnold Palmer perchance? Wouldn't it be says Audrey Hepburn anyway.

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