Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Family Emergency

Hi everyone ~
Well It's been a scary past few days but it has a happy ending so I feel very blessed. It has felt really weird not having my shop OPEN for business yesterday and today but I am still playing catch up from my last batch of orders and will resume to normal next Monday.
Our dog Chester was rushed to the vet and then had to be rushed to the animal hospital over the weekend. He was diagnosed with a liver shunt last October and suffered from two seizures as a result. But ever since we put him on a special low protein diet and a synthetic liver hormone he has been episode free for a year until just a few days ago. He ate another dog's food and started having odd behavior then collapsed. He was suffering from hepatic encephalopathy which causes high ammonia levels in the brain. We thought at one point we were going to have to put him to sleep.....it was one of the scariest things I've ever witnessed. Our vet gave him Enulose, a steroid, Atropine and an IV...had him hooked up to the EKG machine too....poor little guy! But he was such a trooper!!! He made it through!!! We've been keeping a very close watch on him and he seems totally back to normal and the side effects have since wore off although he's been very thirsty!!!! Whew!!!! Is all I have to say!
Anyway, now that the trauma is over I can blog about it.....I don't do very well re-hashing scary details (especially in the heat of the moment) because I get so emotional but I'm finally feeling like things are returning to normal.
See you all next Monday with 3 new designs: Gingerbread Houses with a Twist!!!


Hazel said...

So glad to hear that Chester is going to be fine. I like happy endings :)

Hazel x

Pink Coffee Beans said...

o-my gosh I'm so sorry to hear that!

Silly Bee's Chickadees said...

Oh, Gigi! How scary! I hate it when our little monsters are sick. I feel so badly for them. I'm so glad Chester is feeling better! Give him a gentle squeeze from Molly and Max.

P.S.- I made your little button and added it to my blog. Just wanted to let you know in case you wanna grab it...it's yours! hee hee

Gigi Minor said...

Chester thanks all of you well wishers! He's back to being his sassy demanding self - we wouldn't have it any other way : )