Friday, May 22, 2009

Inspiration for Pin Toppers - Vintage Kitchen

So this has been really fun! Every week I put together a collage that inspires me for pin toppers I debut the following week! It helps me stay on track which is sometimes hard for me because my mind wanders while I sculpt away! June is going to be a weird month for me because we will be gone so much out of town on vacation so I'm not sure exactly when I will be debuting the Vintage Kitchen pins but I will let you know!


icandy... said...

Ooooohhh! Can I take a bite out of your banner?! :) SO sweet!

icandy... said...

Gigi... this blog is waaaay too YUMMY!!!!!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Gigi,
Vicki sent me to visit from Sew Useful designs.
I am impressed, these pin toppers, I've never seen.
They are sooooo cute.

Angela said...

I got my pins (FioresiDesigns on Etsy) and girl, they are gorgeous! I can't wait for you to re-open.

I left a little sumpin' sumpin' for ya on My Blog (it's a blog award). Take care.


Gigi Minor said...

Oh my gosh everyone thank you so much! I have been so bad about keeping up with blogging : (
Been too busy with painting lately and of course making pins : )