Monday, November 24, 2008

Pinks & Needles Booth

Talk about a lot of preparation!!! Thinking back when I used to do Farmer's Markets as a living I had forgotten how long it takes to get ready for a show not to mention the set up and break down!!! I personally think I will do Quilt shows only from here on out but I am so glad I participated in this craft faire just for the exposure : )
Well the craft faire itself was a little slow but I made some great contacts! I met Taylor of Lettuce Truck Babies, Melanie of Above All Fabric and her friend Ariel (whose obsessed with dolls just like me : ), Rebecca of Creeplings and her husband...I think his name was was so much fun! My friend Elizabeth came too and helped me sit there to pass time away...of course in my down time I made pins for an order
: )

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