Sunday, November 2, 2014

A Very Scary Cake

Hello friends! I hope everyone had great Halloween! I made a fun cake and wanted to share it with you. I saw the recipe on From A Whisper To A Scream Blog originally. Except I made the frosting from scratch, made it into a cake instead of cupcakes and changed the "Blood" a little bit. Other than that I followed the directions and it turned out Spooktacular!
The humidity was high the day I made the blood so I omitted the water. Also I only added 1 drop of blue instead of 3 drops of blue food coloring it called for as it would've made it way to dark. I don't have much experience in the "candy making department" but it turned out perfect. It took about 45 mins. to get the sugar mixture to reach 302 degrees (Hard Crack Stage) so make sure you have the time if you want to serve this scary bloody mess to friends and family! I prepared the glass the day before Halloween and let it sit in a cold oven over night to harden properly. This recipe is very inspiring to me to venture out of my baking and do a little more candy making this holiday season!

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